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Biker Mice From Mars Vehicle Vinnie's Radical Rocket Sled (Totalpris 798,-)

  • 200,-
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Artikkelnummer: 51720

Totalpris 798,- forskudd 200,- rest sum 598,- når den kommer til Dippy's lager. Frakt kommer i tillegg på denne

Forventet Desember 2024. 

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It's only fitting that the most reckless of Biker Mice would cruise around in the most chaotic of motorcycles. That's why Vinnie, the baddest mamajamma of the trio, pairs up perfectly with his Radical Rocket Sled! At a full 10 inches in length, this bike comes with a laser blaster built right into it, and a seat that raises up to give even more speed as it flies down the streets of Chicago! Vinnie's Radical Rocket Sled is built to out chase the bad guys and make them all go up in smoke.


- Radical Rocket Sled Figure Vehicle
- Dust-Kicking Bike Stand
- Built-in, Handheld Laser Blaster
- 2 x Exhaust Flame Attachments
- 1 x Attachable Rearview Mirror
- Light-Up Headlight & Dashboard

Requires LR44 batteries.

Requires LR44 batteries.