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Thundercats Ultimates Action Figure WilyKat 20 cm (Totalpris 995,-)

  • 200,-
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Artikkelnummer: 55267

Totalpris 995,- forskudd 200,- rest sum 795,- når den kommer til Dippy's lager.  Forventet November 2024

The eldest of the Thunderkittens, WilyKat is more cautious than his adventurous sister, but that still
doesn't stop him from getting into some troublesome predicaments! This 7" scale highly
articulated ThunderCats ULTIMATES! WieyKat features premium paint detail, intricate sculpting,
interchangeable heads & hands, and multiple accessories including a hoverboard and a pair of
lariats. His curiosity has him always up to something and adding this made-to-order
ThunderCats ULTIMATES of WilyKat will be a good way to keep your collection interesting!


- 2 interchangeable heads
- Neutral head
- Smiling head
- 9 interchangeable hands
- 1x Pellet hand
- 2x Grip hands
- 2x Expressive hands
- 2x Throwing hands
- 2x Open hands
- 1x Lasso
- 1x Slingshot
- 1x Hoverboard
- 1x Hoverboard base