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TinTin Bordkalender 2022

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Artikkelnummer: 7316

Colour reveals, colour enchants, colour is sublime. Rediscover the first four Adventures of Tintin magnified by colourisation full of finesse and subtlety. Let's revisit the vignettes from Tintin in the Land of the Soviets (1930), Tintin in the Congo (1931),

Tintin in America (1932) and now, The Cigars of Pharaoh (1934) in a new light. The adventure continues, more vivid than ever, with this palette of tones that revitalise the clear line of Hergé, this genius of drawing.

From January to December, a surprise for each month.

Start the year 2022 with this superb desktop calendar, each month you will discover carefully selected illustrations. Thanks to this desktop calendar, you will always have an eye on your schedule

Format: 21 x 12.5 cm

1 version in four languages: French - English - Dutch - Spanish